Open a Credit Account With Daxon


Benefit from your personal account at Daxon

Daxon is part of the Redcat family which is the third biggest home shopping company in the UK. This catalogue stocks a wide range of products with clothing being the dominant line. Both menswear and ladies wear are amply stocked in addition to other products. Other lines are home and garden, health and beauty, electronics and gifts. This whole range of products is very attractively packaged with good offers on discounts. However, shopping on a catalogue can be quite frustrating especially in these hard economic times. This can be lessened if one has access to credit. Unfortunately many shoppers have maxed out their cards or have a bad credit history. However not all is lost one can open a personal credit account.

Personal credit account at Daxon

Opening a personal credit account with Daxon is a smart move if you are a regular shopper with the catalogues. This way, you get to enjoy a multitude of benefits in form of discounts, promotions and seasonal bargains. This when coupled with the fact that you are able to shop by credit makes it very easy to do your purchases. When shopping with a personal credit account, it is a simple matter of logging in, choosing the items desired and checking out. The items are reduced from your credit limit which tops up regularly when you make due payments. A statement of your account is generated at the end of each month with details on items purchased, costs per item, total cost, amounts paid and amount due. This is very convenient for home shoppers and any other online shopper.

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Spreading the cost with a Daxon account

With a Daxon account you can draw up a pay monthly plan with a sales representative detailing how much you can pay per instalment on big purchases. This option of spreading the cost means that big purchases can be drawn out over a long period and with little strain on the pocket. A minimum payment is expected usually £5 so as to have this cost spread done.

Buy now pay later with Daxon

The Daxon personal credit account lets you buy items on credit and make interest free payment within a period of one month. This means that the interest that is usually charged to credit purchase only kicks after this period ends. This is a very big incentive to pay especially for small amounts. Though cash may not be available, knowing you can pay for an item later is very easy on the pocket as well as the heart.

Building a good credit history

Unfortunately for many shoppers, the amount of easy credit that was available before the crunch encouraged bad habits. Many shoppers maxed out on their credit accounts and sometimes defaulted on payments. This led to their having bad credit histories that many sellers are not willing to risk on. With a personal credit account, it is possible to build a bad credit history back up. Each payment that is successfully done however small, goes to positive marks on the credit history. This is very encouraging for those who would like to straighten their rep.