Opening a Credit Account with Boden


Your personal credit account at Boden

Boden is the UK based catalogue shop that also serves the US, Austria, Germany and France. Catalogue shopping is very affordable and flexible especially due to the ability to get credit on purchases made. With the current economic hardships, many shoppers are looking for a way that they can buy goods without additional strain on the pocket. Buying through a catalogue is one way that you can make your shopping easier and more affordable through a personal credit account. Having a credit account gives you the benefits of more bargains and discounts in addition to building a positive credit history.

Opening a Boden personal credit account

Operating a personal credit account with a catalogue shop is very different from a credit card account. Any purchases that are made through the account on the catalogue are reflected on the account statement and not the credit card. The payment is only reflected on the credit card at the final payment completion. This means you can have an amount due on the account but your credit account still free to do alternative shopping. You pay only what is due after the period agreed lapses.
To open a Boden personal credit account, you only need a proof of identity, a credit or debit card to guarantee your payment and be over 18 years of age.

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Shopping with a Boden credit account

When shopping through your Boden credit account you need to log in. If you have a line of credit already extended, pick the items you need and checkout. The account will generate a statement at the end of the month showing all the transactions you did and the amounts due. This amount can then be cleared by any major credit or debit card.

Spreading the cost

With a Boden account, it is possible to spread a big purchase over a period of time. This is a very easy on the pocket option. Big purchases are very unaffordable especially in these hard times when cash is in short supply and the banks mean on credit. With this payment option, you can have a big purchase which you pay in instalments over an agreed time. This pay monthly plan is usually more preferable and easier on the pocket than doing one big buy and straining the pocket enormously.

Boden’s Buy now pay later options

With a personal credit account it is very possible to buy an item and pay for it after a period of time sometimes without incurring interest on the amounts charged. This is typically a month or 28 working days. It gives you a chance to pay within that period and incur no extra cost. Any payment after this period attracts an interest however.

Building a credit history with Boden

Those with a bad credit history have a chance to redeem it through a personal credit account. As long as payments are made on time, this reflects positively on your credit history. You can then build up a credit history back up through small but sure purchases that are completed on time.