Opening a Freemans Credit Account


Get more with a personal credit account at Freemans

Shopping at Freemans can be one exciting experience if you love doing shopping. Ladies especially have a wide choice of items to pick from in the clothes section. Men too have items for them not to mention the electricals and home and garden section where one can pick up a wide range of man toys. For an avid shopper the Freemans catalogue will spoil you for choice. There are health and beauty, gifts and even a sports and leisure section. Shopping in these hard times is a frustrating experience for money is short in supply making many items beyond reach. With a personal credit account this need not be.

Personal credit account at Freemans

With a valid debit or credit card and sufficient proof of age and residence, you can open a Freemans flex account which is a personal credit account. This account allows you to shop and have items charged to the account to be cleared later by the credit or debit card that is guaranteeing the account. The advantage of shopping through the Freemans account is that transaction costs are less and one enjoys numerous bargains and discounts. Account holders are eligible for discount codes and fuller discounts than one time shoppers.

Spreading the cost on the Freemans account

When checking out during shopping, you can opt to spread the cost over time. if the item is too expensive to buy at one go, you can pay it in periods of one, five or twelve months. This is very easy on the pocket and affordable for many shoppers with stretched wallets. Pay monthly plans at Freemans are very flexible. Interest on amount payable is as low as 2.3% per month. Payments can be as little as £5. This is a great bargain for expensive items like computers and other high-tech equipment or high street fashion clothes.

Buy now pay later at Freemans

For selected customers, Freemans extends a buy now pay later offer. They give you a code which you input during checkout. This means the item will be due for payment after a certain period. This is especially for Freemans flex account holders or those buying items on 104 or 156 week terms. During this period, any payment cleared attracts no interest. Interest will accrue for any amounts that have not been cleared after the period lapses.

Building your credit history with Freemans

The Freemans Flex account can be very valuable if you are in need of repairing bad credit history. Any shopper with a bad credit history knows how hard it is to get anything on credit. One cannot blame the sellers really. Unfortunately, hard times are come and credit is short. Having a bad credit history will turn off many sellers. With a Freemans flex account it is very possible to build up damaged credit rep. Each payment that is cleared on the account goes into your credit history. This way, you can make small and sure steps to successfully repairing a bad credit history.